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@eapguru has over 15 years experience preparing Indonesian scholars for postgraduate study in Australia.

Many posts deal with the communicative challenges faced by Indonesian scholars in particular. Odd translations from Indonesian are usually flagged flag-of-indonesia. To access all posts that feature ‘Indo English’ click on the Indo English tag.

My use of the word ‘guru’ is very much ‘tongue in cheek‘. I would like to think that you can also teach me something – I sometimes make mistakes, and there is much that I don’t know!

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  1. Yunita Irawadi

    Recently, I took an IELTS Test and I got unsatisfied score in speaking test. I do want to be able to speak English fluently and get a good score. What should I do to improve my speaking ability?


  2. Diana Purwati

    I found some difficulties both in
    reading and writing IELTS.
    I tried to use some tips that I got from
    some resources like Internet but my
    score didn’t improve. could you share
    piece of advice to boost these skills?
    especially how to deal with each type of
    questions in these skills. Thank you


  3. suharti siradjuddin

    My weakness is writing where I am difficult to extend my main idea and also I am worry with my grammar. Do you have any suggestion base on my problem?


  4. kataitukata

    I realize that reading is very influential basic ability in understanding English. But, reading novel, short story and other similar works of literature are very difficult. Do you have any advice to solve this problem?

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    • PG

      Reading is not an easy skill. But like any other skill, it becomes easier with practice. Do you want to be good at reading novels? Then read novels! In the beginning it will be hard work, but eventually you will be rewarded!


  5. Akbar Ali

    I’m having difficulties due to the IELTS test, especially in writing and reading session, where we were restricted by the time, what could you recommend to tackle the problem? Thank you.


    • PG

      Akbar you need to be more specific with your ‘problem’.
      Which parts of the writing and reading tests put you under time pressure?


  6. Chandra Apriadi

    I have problem with listening skill in ielts, its tough to catch every word come from the speaker, i have been increasing my time to listening but i do not get better result. would you like to give me some advice to increase my listening skill?


    • PG

      You probably don’t need to catch EVERY word. But I suspect you are having problems separating words from other words inside a phrase or sentence.
      I suggest this practice activity:
      1. Choose a listening (= recording)
      2. Listen and write down what you hear
      3. Check what you wrote against the tapescript
      4. Listen again, following the tapescript


  7. Lucas

    when I took the IELTS test, I got nervous and suddenly all strategies and vocabulary disappear from my mind. how to solve this problem


  8. Maria Asumpta Tonny

    hi i am asumpta i want to improve my IELTS score especially in writing skill but i usually do not remember about academic vocabulary so i often use the same word in my writing task.l try to improve my vocabulary stock and i really want to know the best strategy to solve my problem. thanks..


    • PG

      Hi Asumpta. I notice that you often use lower case (small letters) in situations where it is more correct to use upper case. For example you often write ‘i’ instead of ‘I’ as a personal pronoun. Maybe you’re doing this because it’s trendy at the moment to ignore punctuation in blog comments, emails, Facebook posts, etc. But if you’re not trying to be trendy, then please take a look at http://www.edufind.com/english-grammar/capitalisation-rules/

      Regarding your vocabulary problem:
      1. Record new and less familiar vocabulary
      2. Note down sentences using the new vocab (try to use it to write something about yourself).
      3. Review your vocabulary records regularly
      4. Use new vocab in speaking and writing as soon as possible


  9. Nurdin Syarif

    We sometimes have abundant vocabularies, but when we are trying to speak up…..speechless.Messy…!!!. How to overcome this? If the answer is Practice and keep practicing, then where I should start from?


  10. Nurdin Syarif

    I found IELTS that it is not only testing our language ability but it is also testing our psychology. So,how we can control our emotional in doing the test?


  11. Hamka Amir

    I have difficulties in the IELTS test specifically on the reading section. I have performed reading exercises for many times but I cannot still get my expected scores. In every exercise, I could not allocate the given time to answer all of the questions. In my view, if I am given more time, I will answer all of the questions with satisfied results. How do I improve the speed in doing the reading section in the IELTS test?


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