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(the) society

šŸ˜¦ Unemployment is one of the most serious problems for the society today.

The problem here is thatĀ the societyĀ (with ‘the’) has quite a different meaning toĀ societyĀ (without ‘the’).

If you’re talking about all of humanity as a collective, then you’re probably talking aboutĀ society. In this case you’re probably thinking about the whole of the human race at a particular time, usually around now. If problems are faced byĀ society (without ‘the’), then they are likely to beĀ problems that all peopleĀ face, either across an entire country, or possibly all over the world, and so in this case you need:

šŸ™‚ Unemployment is one of the most serious problems forĀ society today.

On the other hand if you’re talking about a specific group of people who have some kind of shared set of specific interests then you needĀ the society. For example in thisĀ list of academic ‘societies’, groupĀ members relate to each otherĀ because they share the same academic interests. Similarly, universities often have societies devoted to particular hobbies or interests. In this case you might be writing something like:

šŸ™‚ In our university the most popular society is the photographic society. The society has 600 members.

Notice that in this example, not only do we use ‘the’ to show that we are talking about a specific group, but we also use words to modify the wordĀ societyĀ so that our reader understands exactly which group we’re talking about (‘most popular’, ‘photographic’).

So, be careful next time you useĀ society! šŸ™‚


BTW if you’re still not happy with this explanation, and you’re not afraid of distractions, you can check outĀ society in a dictionary. Better still look at some sentences featuringĀ society.

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