To make as accurate a sentence as possible

😦 For this reason, people build their house as large as possible.

🇮🇩 This is a common error made by Indonesians attempting to integrate sebesar mungkin into a sentence.

How about a little test?

The structural elements you need for the correct version of this phrase are scattered in the image below.  Put them into the correct sequence. Write your answer in a comment below this post!

as possible.001.jpeg




  1. Piteem

    I guess the answer would be subject + verb + as adjective a(n) object as possible

    Dont we use adverb in as … as possible?


    • PG

      Many thanks Piteem – you nailed it! In this post the writer is trying to use an adjective to modify the noun ‘house’. But you’re right, you could also use an adverb to modify the verb: “People build their house as quickly as possible.” (For example if they want it finished in time for the birth of a new child, or before the beginning of the rainy season?) 🙂


    • PG

      Exactly right Imran. It may sound unusual, and it is! And that’s why, if you were taking IELTS, you would receive a very high score for grammar if you used this structure accurately and appropriately 🙂


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